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  1. Landis
    November 5, 2023 @ 1:23 am

    Hi Ali,
    I am planning on returning to my home country of Canada from Paraguay which requires a short layover and airline transfer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As I have never been to the airport in Sao Paulo, I was wondering if you could advise me regarding the transfer regarding going from Gate 2 to Gate 3, necessity for re-check baggage, Immigration/Security, etc.. if you are familiar with the GRU Airport.

    Thank You In Advance,

    • Ali Garland, travel packing expert 20+ years
      November 7, 2023 @ 10:42 am

      Hi Landis! I’m not familiar with that airport, but the airport website has some good maps here: It shows a shuttle between each terminal, so that should be easy, just look for signs. Typically on layovers, you’ll have to go through security after getting off the first flight, but since you’re not staying in Brazil, you shouldn’t have to deal with passport control or customs. When you get off the Paraguay to GRU flight, follow signs for “transit” or “transfer” or “connecting flights” to go through security and then find your next gate. Your checked luggage should be transferred from the first flight to the second flight, but it’s always good to confirm this with the airline when you’re checking your bag in Paraguay. I hope that helps!

  2. Femi
    September 19, 2023 @ 12:17 pm

    I found this article on layovers insightful, especially the part about international layovers and how they can vary depending on the airline partnerships and the country’s policies.

    I understand that longer layovers might require immigration and customs checks, but I’m curious about the shortest layovers possible. Are there any general guidelines or industry standards for the minimum layover time that airlines consider when scheduling connecting flights? It seems like having this information could help travelers plan their journeys more efficiently and minimize stress during layovers.


    • Ali Garland
      September 19, 2023 @ 2:31 pm

      Thanks Femi! It really depends, if it’s a domestic layover, sometimes you can make it in as little as 30 minutes, if your gates are close to each other. I’d say one hour feels a little safer. For international layovers, especially ones where you have to go through immigration, a minimum of two hours is probably a good rule, but a little longer will give you more of a cushion. For international layovers landing in the US, you might need even longer because they also make you claim and recheck your luggage, and depending on the airport that could mean an extra 5 minutes or an hour if you have to go find a luggage drop area for your airline. There are so many variables, which is why it’s really hard to have one suggested amount of time for a layover. These articles – Is Your Layover Long Enough? and 8 Things to do If You Think Your Layover is Too Short – might also be helpful for you.

      • Femi
        September 20, 2023 @ 4:26 pm

        Thanks for the clarification, Ali. I’ll definitely take a look at the article you mentioned.