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  1. David Krasner
    July 11, 2019 @ 3:11 am

    I travel with my wife from New Zealand to the UK every 9 months or so . We also have a daughter who lives in Portland Oregon? would your club be able to work on multiple stops? eg Wellington to London with an over night stop over then london to Portland Oregon with a stay of 10 days fo;;owed by Portland Oregon to Wellington NZ. It doesn’t matter where we stop over when going from Wellington NZ to London as long as we have a break at a hotel before flying on. to Portland Oregon. We have a daughter near london + grand children etc, and same in Portland Oregon? The membership fee looks to be very reasonable. Would both my wife and myself have to become members. Kind regards, David

    • Ali Garland
      July 11, 2019 @ 11:58 am

      Hi David! It’s not exactly a flight search engine, so signing up for a membership would let you set up alerts for certain departure cities/airports. So you would put in your profile that you’re interested in flight alerts for Wellington, and when there are deals from Wellington, you’ll get an email. Those flight deals could be to almost anywhere around the world though. You can set multiple airports, so you could set Wellington and Auckland to see what kinds of flights you could get departing from New Zealand (because if there was a good deal on a flight from Auckland, it’s not too expensive for you to book a separate flight from Wellington to Auckland) and you could set Heathrow and Gatwick to see what kinds of flight deals come up from London. But it’s a bit better if you’re flexible about when you’re going and even where you’re going. I get all kinds of destinations in my inbox, and sometimes it’s for next month or sometimes it’s next year. Dollar Flight Club is basically searching for great flight deals from cities you’ve set in your profile, and then you click on the link in the email and it sends you to whatever flight search engine has the deal. So that also means you would only need one membership, you and your wife would NOT need separate ones.