How to prepare for a food tour

So you’ve decided to take a food tour and picked the perfect one to explore your destination city. You’re ready to taste the local food and learn about its connection with the city. Now it’s the night before your tour, so how should you prepare for a food tour?

How to prepare for a food tour

Check the Weather

This part of preparation isn’t much different than a normal walking tour. Every food tour that I have been on involves walking around a neighborhood and stopping in restaurants and shops to try their tasty foods. So it is just good to remember that although you are touring food, it still means being outside.

Most tours will not cancel due to weather. Be prepared for your food tour by bringing umbrellas for rain and dressing in layers if it is cold out. Don’t forget the sunscreen and maybe even a hat on sunny days.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Again, don’t think that just because it says food tour, that there will be no walking. It certainly depends from tour to tour, but it’s quite likely that you will be on your feet most of the time. Many tastings can take place standing at food stalls or in shops, not necessarily sitting in restaurants. If this is a concern, talk to your tour company for specifics. In general, prepare for a food tour by wearing decent shoes.

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prepare for a food tour

Bring Water

Read the descriptions carefully, but most tours will offer water at certain stops along their route. I find though that I like a bit more with me. Sometimes I just want to cleanse my palette between tastings or just with all the food I want a bit more to drink. Plus if it’s hot, it’s nice to have water to drink while walking from one location to the next.

Don’t Eat a Big Breakfast

A food tour is really a walking tour and a multi-course meal mixed together. A good food tour should never leave you hungry, and most can feel like having two meals at once. Don’t overeat at breakfast if your tour starts mid-morning, and don’t plan for a big dinner out after the tour either.

Do you have any other tips to prepare for a food tour?

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