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Cape Air

Cape Air is a regional airline operating flights in New England, Florida, and the Caribbean, among others. They operate a fleet of 88 Cessna 402s, 4 Britten-Norman Islanders, and 2 Cessna Caravan seaplanes. They carry over 500,000 passengers a year, making Cape Air one of the largest regional airlines in the USA. Their carry on luggage size and weight allowances are a little more restrictive than standard airlines due to the fact that their airplanes are smaller. Read below for more information.

Updated October 2019

Headquarters Country: USA


Cape Air carry on luggage size information

Number of items allowed:

  • 1 plus a personal item on the 46-Passenger ATR42
  • 1 gate-checked item plus a personal item on the Cessna 402

For flights in the Cessna 402, carry-on items are gate-checked due to limited space in the cabin. See airline’s website for more info.

The airline’s site no longer lists a weight limit for carry-on luggage, but I have left the previously listed weight. Please verify the weight allowance with the airline before you leave for the airport since smaller planes like these usually have strict weight restrictions.

Maximum allowed in imperial: (official)

  • Linear dimensions = 45 in
  • Linear dimensions for personal item = 36 in
  • Weight = not mentioned, but was previously 20 lbs

Maximum allowed in metric: (converted)

  • Linear dimensions = 114.3 cm
  • Linear dimensions for personal item = 91.4 cm
  • Weight = not mentioned, but was previously 9 kg

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