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Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius was founded in 1967, just a few months before Mauritius gained its independence. The airline operates flights that connect this island nation with 23 destinations throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Air Mauritius has a fleet of 14 aircraft and strives to connect Mauritius to the rest of the world in support of tourism and a strengthened economy. Cabin baggage allowed on Air Mauritius flights varies depending on which class of ticket you have purchased. Keep reading for more information.

Cabin baggage allowances for Air Mauritius

Updated October 2019

Headquarters Country: Mauritius


Number of cabin baggage items allowed:

  • Economy: 1 carry on item
  • Business class: 2 carry on items

Note: The airline’s website states that “you may also bring on board personal items such as an overcoat, wrap, blanket, umbrella, walking stick, laptop, camera, binoculars, infant carrying basket, and baby food to be consumed in-flight, as well as a reasonable quantity of duty-free purchases.” This appears to be their description of a personal item, which is typically a second, smaller bag.

Medical devices, such as crutches or a collapsible or folding wheelchair, are also allowed in the cabin or will be placed in the hold if necessary due to space limitations.

Maximum allowed in imperial: (converted)

  • Linear dimensions = 45.2 in
  • Weight = 15.4 lbs (per carry on item)

Maximum allowed in metric: (official)

  • Linear dimensions = 115 cm
  • Weight = 7 kg (per carry on item)

Purchasing additional weight for your hand luggage with Air Mauritius

If you would like to bring more than the 15.4 lbs / 7 kg Air Mauritius allows as their standard carry on weight limit, you can purchase additional weight. The price is 10 euros per additional kilo.

Travelers flying in economy can purchase up to an additional 5 kg (11 lbs) for their one carry on bag, for a total of 12 kg (26.4 lbs). Passengers in business class can purchase up to an additional 5 kg per carry on bag (11 lbs), for a total of 12 kg per bag (26.4 lbs).

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