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At Travel Made Simple, we LOVE food tours! Andy and I think they are one of the most enjoyable ways to experience a city for many reasons, which is why you should take a food tour on your next vacation.

Food plays a huge role in the history and culture of a destination, and food tours teach you about those links.

You probably have certain foods you want to try when you’re traveling. Taking a food tour ensures that you get to taste the real deal, not some mediocre version a local would never eat.

Usually you get to try a few things you never even knew existed. These foods are still important to the local cuisine, but they may not have made it beyond the borders. Now you get to taste them too.

Food tours are like two tours in one because you get to explore the city or neighborhood, and you get to eat lots of delicious things along the way.

We love food tours so much, we’ve written several posts so you’ll understand why you should take a food tour and what to look for when booking one. We’ve also reviewed the food tours we’ve taken and interviewed other travelers about their food tours.

Dig in to our food tour section!

Food tour reviews in Europe

Food tour reviews in the USA

Food tour reviews in Canada

Food tour reviews in other parts of the world

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Didn’t find the city you’re going to? Search for a food tour on Viator, where you’ll find tours all over the world.

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