Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Tour Review

This is part of a series of interviews with inspiring travelers. Today I’m interviewing Cherene about her Game of Thrones Dubrovnik tour. See more about traveling with tours here. All photos provided by Cherene except Pinterest image.

Tell us about yourself and your travel experience.

I was lucky to be exposed to traveling as a child, since my parents love travel. I studied abroad in France during undergrad and since then I’ve been obsessed with travel.

Some of the most noteworthy of my trips have been Vietnam and Cambodia, India, Greece, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru and visiting Syria before the war.

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik tour

Where did you go on your tour and how long was it?

The Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik, Croatia was approximately 3 hours long.

What tour company did you use and why?

I chose Dubrovnik Day Tours. It is locally operated and a small company that offers private tours for groups. They are reasonably priced and very friendly and easy to work with.

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik tour

Why did you choose a tour instead of traveling independently?

I didn’t know enough about where all the specific Game of Thrones scenes had been filmed and I thought a tour of this nature would be fun, especially since I was with a group.

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What did you like about the Game of Thrones Dubrovnik tour? What was your favorite part?

The guide was wonderful. He was clearly passionate about Game of Thrones and he had a great sense of humor. My favorite part was when he surprised us with some props such as the “shame bell” and some swords.

What was the most memorable or eventful part of your trip to Croatia?

Dubrovnik and this tour as well as the walls of Dubrovnik were a highlight of Croatia.

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik tour

Was there anything you didn’t like about the tour?


Did you eat anything amazing on your trip to Dubrovnik?

Absolutely. Almost every meal in Dubrovnik and Croatia was fantastic, especially the mixed grill at Lady Pipi.

What inspired you to take the Game of Thrones tour or travel to Dubrovnik?

I have been a big fan of the show and when I decided to visit Dubrovnik it was a given that I would definitely have to see where parts of my favorite show is filmed.

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik tour

Would you recommend the Game of Thrones Dubrovnik tour? Would you change anything about it?

I would completely recommend this tour. It was perfect the way it was!

Do you think this tour would be good for a new traveler? Why or why not?

I think so. I think any sort of traveler would like this tour since it was easy and didn’t take up too much time.

Note: This tour company offers different tours. I did the longer one that involved a bit of uphill and stairs so maybe not suitable for people with physical ailments.

Author bio: Hello, I’m Cherene. I am a nurse anesthetist in Miami, FL and I am fortunate enough to travel frequently. I have managed to see almost 50 countries so far and plan to see them all eventually! I recently started sharing my experiences on my blog Wandering Redhead because I want to show how it is possible to see the world while working. I hope to inspire people to travel to places they haven’t thought of and want to help everyone who is looking to fit more travel into their lives. Would love for you to join my adventures!

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