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It’s the night before your vacation, your suitcase is open on the bed, and clothes have exploded everywhere.

You feel panicked because you have no idea what to bring or how to fit everything into your luggage.

Sound familiar?

I’m here to help with my book Packing Made Simple: A Simple Guide to Packing Light.

If you’re a new traveler interested in reducing your packing stress as well as reducing the amount of stuff you bring on a trip, this book is for you.

Packing Made Simple will show you:

  • How to pack for your next trip
  • How to travel carry-on only
  • How to pack light even when you check luggage
  • What you can’t pack in carry-on luggage
  • What non-liquid alternatives are available
  • Packing tips that make travel easier
  • How to choose carry-on luggage

Best of all, Packing Made Simple will give you the confidence to leave behind the things that have been weighing you down.

I love the freedom packing light gives me, and I avoid checking luggage whenever possible.

I’ve traveled all over Europe with just carry-on luggage. I traveled to South America and Antarctica, a trip that required both warm and cold weather clothing, with just carry-on. I also spent five months traveling through Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and more with just carry-on luggage.

I also understand that carry-on only isn’t for everyone, and sometimes it’s nearly impossible. But it’s still possible to pack light and leave unnecessary items at home even when you travel with checked luggage.

Many people get overwhelmed trying to pack for a trip. With all the possible situations you might find yourself in while on vacation, you could end up packing lots of things you will never need.

That’s where Packing Made Simple comes in.

Embrace the freedom of having less stuff to lug around on your vacation.

What people are saying

Jaime from Breakaway Backpacker says, “With years of travel experience under her belt you get a real sense that she knows exactly what she is talking about…In the end Ali does an amazing job at making something that most people get overwhelmed with simple.” Read his full review here.

From Twitter:

Amazon reviews:
“The author has put together the best information about carry-on only travel that I have seen. You can live out of a carry-on for two weeks and actually enjoy your trip.”

“This had some really good tips for a chronic over-packer.”

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Please note that some posts contain links that earn me a small commission to help keep the site running. Read the affiliate disclosure here.